Bolero Lane Home Renovation

Lightning Construction and Design shares this work-in-progress video for a 7,000 square foot home they have under construction. Remodeled from the ground up, this luxury home will bring open-floor planning luxury to beach life in the Huntington Beach Marina.

Video Transcript

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Hi, My name is Barak. I’m the owner of Lightning Construction and Design. We are renovating this three-story home. We made it as a custom home on the marina of Huntington Beach. Let me take you on a quick tour. So this is a kitchen that we are doing here. Opens to the living room area and the dining room area, which will be a beautiful open concept. This is the living room area, with a dining room area, and a beautiful fireplace. We did frameless doors: two of them will be facing to the ocean. One of the features we are most proud of is the flying stairs. We built this out of engineered plywood. As you can see with flying stairs, there is no supporting from the bottom. Its just two big pieces of wood going all the way up as one piece. So right over here we a study room on the second floor, so its what we call ‘open loft.’ We are going to put a library over here. We have two beautiful arches to match all the arches of the house. We are going to build a nice desk over here and a nice desk over here. Off to the side we have two bedrooms with a jack-and-jill bathroom. This is the master bedroom for the daughter. Over here we built a custom bed frame. It will have nice cool lighting inside the framed bed. She can have some stuff to sit inside. Two small closets for her for everyday use, and a nice closet over here. We did actually build a nice bathroom for her: so this is the bathroom. Right here we are going to have a game room with a sitting area, and a beautiful TV is going to be all the way in the front. So this is a nice open concept. This is the master bedroom on the third floor. We built a fireplace, with a room for the TV. Over here we are going to put the bed. As you see we arch around the bed, so the bed is going to fit inside with beautiful LED lights. This is the master bathroom with a beautiful jacuzzi. We built a nice area for the jacuzzi with two windows facing to the marina. We have a floating vanity and three niches on the wall where we are going to do light inside. Right here is a beautiful walk-in shower. Between the vanity to the shower we are going to put a glass with a mirror. Its beautiful all the way round.

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“ Straight ” Thank you Bensound for the music. Call us for a competitive bid on your home renovation. Oh and did we mention construction! We can even help you get financed. 3-D design brings your ideas to life. Consultation on your ideas. One-stop shop for home remodeling. Founded in 2004. Lightning Construction and Design.

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  1. Michael Garvin 2 years ago

    Love that flying staircase. Very cool!


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