Home Remodel by Lightning Construction and Design (LC&D)

This video shows the beginning stage of a home renovation project. This is part of a work-in-progress series to show the property at different milestones of construction.

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Hi. My name is Barak. I am the owner of Lightning Construction and Design. Today we are in the City of Altadena where we have a 1500 square foot room addition. 500 square feet on the first floor and a 1000 square feet on the second floor. We are going to make the house the same level as the pool. As you can see, the level of the house is about three feet lower than the pool height. So we are going to build the first floor. We are going to raise the extension to be the same level as the pool. So its going to be a beautiful sliding door going out the pool area.

Right on top of it, on top of the kitchen and the living area, we are going to build a second floor. So this is going to be three bedrooms two bathrooms on the top.

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“Funky Hip-Hop” www.bensound.com Thank you Bensound for the music. Call us for a competitive bid on your home renovation. Oh and did we mention construction! We can even help you get financed. 3-D design brings your ideas to life. Consultation on your ideas. One-stop shop for home remodeling. Founded in 2004. Lightning Construction and Design.


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